Gordian Partners, LLC

Gordian Partners is a Richmond, Virginia based consulting firm. We are focused on providing companies, nonprofits and educational institutions with policy and regulatory analysis, research, strategy and development.

Through our policy subscription service Gordian helps your business to thrive by outsourcing policy and regulatory services, ensuring your business gets the best and most cost-effective policy strategy, regulatory analysis and development tailored to fit your unique needs.

Additionally, we specialize in supporting early growth startups develop to work within existing regulatory frameworks or cultivate new regulatory schemes to fit their needs. We are here to ensure your start-up is able to thrive within existing regulatory climates and expand without regulatory or policy barriers.

Gordian also offers all-ability inclusion strategy services. We believe that every business needs a different approach to all-ability inclusion strategy, and we’re here to help you find your best fit. From helping you to develop an all-ability inclusion strategy to fostering community partnerships and developing new talent, we’re here to help. Inclusion for individuals of all-abilities is more than just nice- it’s good business. Let us work with you to maximize both the impact you make & your bottom line.

Our consultants are experienced & prepared to help you address all-ability inclusion from the recruitment of new talent to improving productivity in the workplace. Each of our consultants has a unique voice, passion and background which will help you to develop strategies that uniquely suit your organization. Click here to learn more about the people behind Gordian Partners.

Our services range in scope from facilitating inclusion trainings, to assisting in revamping hiring procedures and examining public policy incentives and opportunities to marketing and developing new products to reach consumers of all-abilities. We believe that the best strategies are ones that are simple to implement, that foster organizational growth and that allow every individual in your organization to have the opportunity to thrive. Gordian is here to help you uncover practical solutions to address complex problems. Let’s get to work.

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