Inclusivity in the Workplace

Gordian is now offering training programs for organizations on topics related to ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and disability inclusion. Our All-Ability Inclusion Strategies are designed to address various workplace and organizational needs.┬áThe trainings listed below are customizable, and pre-recorded trainings are available to purchase. We also offer consulting and advising services on ADA Compliance and Inclusion which will examine your organization’s areas of inclusive strengths, areas that need improvement and ways to develop a more inclusive hiring process and workplace environment.

Trainings and consulting services include on the following, but can be designed specifically to meet your group’s needs:

  1. Disability Inclusion in the Workplace
  2. Inclusive Customer Engagement
  3. Unconscious Bias
  4. Inclusive Hiring Development
  5. Comprehensive, Anonymous Employee Feedback and Analysis
  6. Inclusion Development
  7. Understanding the ADA/ADA Compliance
  8. Neurodiversity
  9. Physical Disability and Accessibility
  10. Accessibility Analysis
  11. Accommodations & Accessibility
  12. Educational Strategies for Students with Disabilities/ Different Learning Needs


Rates begin at $350 for single-session group trainings ($200 for 501(c)(3) nonprofits), and $250 for consulting.

Training packages begin at $650 ($550 for nonprofits) and Consulting packages begin at $550.

Educational programs and schools: email us for school pricing on educational strategy training.