Inclusivity in the Workplace

Gordian is now offering training certificates for businesses to display completion of one of our inclusion development sessions. Our All-Ability Inclusion Strategies are designed to address various workplace and organizational needs. 

Inclusion Training: Avoiding Unconscious Bias

Does my business need inclusivity training? Absolutely. 

Unconscious biases are prejudices for or against something, someone, or a group of people that you are not actively aware of. This typically causes you to form social stereotypes against certain groups of people, affecting your beliefs, attitudes, and actions which is detrimental to the inclusivity and diversity of your workplace. 

A BusinessInclusive Certification shows your customers and potential clients that you have put in the time and effort to promote an inclusive workplace. You were willing to confront your unconscious biases, and learn how to overcome them. It demonstrates that your business is aware, accepting, and accommodating of the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all individuals. 

If an employee or team member feels included, they are more inclined to be positively engaged within the workplace. You want your team to be proud of who they work for, and by creating an inclusive environment, you create a safe space for your team to collaborate and thrive, contributing to the overall success of your business!

Gordian also offers SpectrumFriendly certificates and training specific to Autism inclusivity. 

Disability Inclusion Strategy

A BusinessInclusive certification training takes 8 hours, and can be done in person or virtually, while a SpectrumFriendly certification takes only 4 hours! The breakdown of hours is determined by scheduling needs. Each training will be conducted by two of our inclusion consultants. 

Training consists of seminars, development exercises, and discussions aimed at increasing awareness regarding disability, as well as fostering understanding by targeting biases. These certifications are specific to your workplace and your industry, allowing you the opportunity to utilize existing tools and specific scenarios. 



  • $950 for groups of 15 people or less
  • $1250 for groups 15-30 people
    *Nonprofit organizations can email us for discounted rates


  • Beginning at $450

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