What We Do

Every business practice has different needs and strategies when it comes to inclusion within the workplace and customer base. We work directly with your company to evaluate and address your specific needs and goals. We offer Inclusion Training Certifications to display how your business is taking the necessary steps to be an inclusive community. Through training, planning, strategy, and consulting, we will ensure that your business is inclusive to people of All-Abilities.

ADA Consulting

We work with your business, following the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, to create a physical and online space that is compatible for All-Abilities. This includes services such as Workplace Accessibility Consulting and Inclusion Interactive Workshops. 

Disability Inclusion Strategy

With Inclusion Training, your business will become a more diverse and inclusive environment. Through strategies such as developing an inclusive hiring process, performing marketing and outreach campaigns to consumers of All-Abilities, and focusing on product development to reach consumers of All- Abilities, you will be fostering partnerships and interactions with all members of your community. 

Policy Tracking

With laws and regulations changing and evolving frequently, we want to ensure that your business is up to date with and following new policies. This can be done through bill monitoring, policy research, and white papers. 

Public Policy Consulting

We offer legislation analysis and overview, legislation strategy, and analysis of alternatives to ensure that your business is within the guidelines of Public Policy. To ensure that you continue to stay within policy, we create specific strategic and regulatory plans unique to your business practices.